1. To be a valid winner a customer should have bought his / her ticket at any of our many reselling offices through out Aruba.
  2. Tickets should not have been cancelled. A cancelled ticket will not be valid for any drawing.
  3. Any winning ticket can be redeemed at any reselling office or at our head office.
  4. Any winning ticket can be collected within 14 days old of the drawing date. No winning ticket will be valid for collection after the 14 th day.
  5. A customer can buy catochi numbers for 10 days in advance of a drawing date.

This ticket is a bearer instrument. Please check the ticket as it constitutes the only proof of a bet placed. Big Wheel Lottery (BWL) is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Tickets are void if mutilated, altered, defective, misprinted, not registered on the Center computer prior to the draw, or if the ticket fails to pass any of the Lottery's confidential validation test. The information recorded on the BWL Central Computer takes precedence over information recorded on this ticket or selection slip. All tickets and transactions are subject to the provisions of BWL. For any other information please contact our head office.

Prizes must be claimed within fourteen (14) days after the draw, unless otherwise decided by BWL. To claim your prize: present this ticket to any participating BWL agent. BWL reserves the right to publish the name, address and photography of a winner.


4 Cifras   Afl. 4000,- 3 Cifras   Afl. 400,- 2 Cifras Afl. 70,-
Afl. 1000,- Afl. 200,-  F/B Afl. 20,- / Afl. 50,-
Afl. 500,- Afl. 100,-  3ch Afl. 40,- / Afl. 20,- / Afl. 10,-

Tur dia SUPER 4 ta:

4 cifras Afl. 5000

3 cifras Afl. 700.

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